Dual-Flow Downspout Boots

Our Dual-Flow downspout boots offer the unique ability to convert underground discharge to above ground discharge and vice versa. With a built-in flow diverter and easily operated exterior control switch the Dual-Flow design is suitable for a wide range of special applications from green infrastructure to facilities maintenance.
Stormwater Management
The removal, or disconnection, of downspout drainage from underground stormwater systems is encouraged to eliminate the effects of stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces on receiving waters. Dual-Flow downspout boots allow downspout flow to be redirected to above ground infiltration and green infrastructure.
Water Supply
Capturing rainwater from impervious surfaces in urban and suburban areas – whether by onsite infiltration to recharge groundwater supplies or by harvesting the runoff for direct use - can be used to increase water supply reliability and sustainability. Dual-Flow downspout boots provide an effective means of supporting a sustainable water supply.
Property Management
Above ground downspout drainage may cause property damage through erosion or slip/fall hazards due to ice and water accumulation. The Dual-Flow downspout boot’s ability to redirect downspout drainage below ground provides an effective means of protecting the property from any undesired effects of downspout runoff.
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