Coating Options

To receive pricing and information regarding coatings, please refer to the Comments/Accessories/Coatings text box on the Get A Quote page, or feel free to Contact Us.  Click Here to view our powder coating color chart in .pdf format.



J.R. Hoe supports the use of uncoated cast iron downspout boots for various reasons. After continued exposure to moisture and air, uncoated gray iron forms a protective iron-oxide silicate exterior that is both fully corrosion-resistant and visually pleasing. Coatings do not contribute to the long-term performance of the product. Furthermore, coatings are often used to hide product imperfections and they require the use of non environmentally-friendly products.


Primer Coat

Some projects may require that downspout boots are shipped to the jobsite and painted by the contractor prior to installation. Standard primer coated downspout boots are painted at the J.R. Hoe facility with 1 layer of light gray shop primer, allowing the final coat to be applied in the field.


Powder Coat

In order to achieve the required cosmetic appearance of any building project, J.R. Hoe downspout boots are available with a powder coated finish in a wide range of colors. Please contact us directly to confirm color selections and receive additional information regarding powder coated downspout boots.