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Offset Overview

The J.R. Hoe O-Series downspout boot features a 2 inch offset at the bottom of the boot allowing for a vertical connection to the underground drainage pipe. The offset transition is designed to provide enough clearance from the building wall to fit a pipe hub around the downspout boot. A fastening lug slot allows for easy installation to the building wall. The O-Series downspout boots feature a distinctive contoured design that is engineered for superior hydraulic conveyance, aesthetic appeal and durability.


Product Info

  • Available in hundreds of different sizes - view our Size Chart
  • Custom or non-standard downspout boots can be designed to meet special requirements or specifications
  • Flexible adapter couplings are available as an accessory used for making the water-tight connection
  • Various coating options options are available including primer coat and powder coat in a wide range of colors
  • Qualified for LEED Credits 4.1/4.2 Recycled Content and LEED Credits 5.1/5.2 Regional Materials
  • For additional information or questions please contact us

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