Downspout Boot Customization

Custom Design



Add character and class to your building project with top bell and front panel customization options. JR Hoe uses the latest technology in parametric modeling to implement logos, branding and decorative artwork into the downspout boot design. A 3D-modeled rendering can be provided for approval of custom designs based on submitted artwork or simply a detailed description of the desired artwork. Traditional custom features are also offered by JR Hoe upon request such as the fluted front panel and/or the top bell year stamp.


Custom Sizes

The J.R. Hoe standard product line offers downspout boots in hundreds of different combinations of top bell sizes, body sizes, cleanout options and outlet types to fit the needs of virtually any project. However, if a project requires a unique design not featured in the standard product line, J.R. Hoe is able to design and prototype an original downspout boot to the desired specifications.